What do we do at safe?

Who we are?

Safe Kids is an Egyptian organization based in Cairo, which aims to deliver psychosocial services in the field of child protection. It was founded by Mrs Sara Aziz in 2012, with the mission of empowering society to stand against child abuse and to promote gender equality. Hence, the objectives of our services lay on two main pillars namely, prevention and intervention. The prevention aspect encompasses awareness workshops covering a range of topics including, but not limited to, self-awareness, sexual and gender-based violence and bullying. The intervention aspect involves the provision of one-to-one and group psychosocial counselling sessions.

  • Voice to the ones with no voice
  • Hope to the broken
  • Light to the ones living in the darkness
  • Life for the ones who see that death is the solution
  • Freedom for the captivated and the ones think that they are lonely


Prevention: Raise the awareness of sexual abuse and trauma

Intervention: Enhance the quality of life for survivors


Our dream is to secure a safe world for all our children to enjoy it through

Our Methodology

We educate the three angles of the triangle to create a safe and healthy platform for kids and teens.

Our Values

Enabling people to take control , action and stand up to mistreatment.
Promote and encourage strong moral principles , against violence of all forms.
Our service provision is based solely on attending to those in need , welcoming and empowering them , regardless of identity
our services and products are designed with a strong sense of empathy and a desire to help others

Our Capacity

Over the past years, Safe trained over 350 volunteers who reached out more than

Children & Adolescents
University Students

Our Services

Safe Kids offers tailor-made awareness activities and sessions, based on the needs of the recipients. These activities can be both long term or short term, depending on the topics to be delivered, target audiences, and the institutions they are held in. Safe has also constantly been able to communicate effectively to people of different age groups, as well as across different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our Work

Safe Kids facilitates customised awareness activities targeting audiences from different age groups, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Safe Kids has developed a standardised curriculum for the following interest groups:

Social workers
Caregivers (including bus drivers, Bus supervisors, Security guards, nannies, …)
Sports coaches
Employees admins


SafeKids operated across different governorates in Egypt, and internationally in several geographies in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia. Among the geographies we worked in:

United States of America
Democratic Republic of Congo

Our Languages

Having a diverse team, Safe Kids has the capacity to deliver the awareness activities in:

Our Partners

Safe Kids acted as an implementing partner for several UN agencies, local and international non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

Governmental, Non-governmental and International organisations

Safe Cities

In 2013, in collaboration with UNWmen and Care international, safe reached out children, adolescences, care givers and college students residing in Embaba, Manshit-Naser and Ezbet El-Hagana over 81 days of training.

Gender Based Violence Project:

In 2016, in collaboration with Care International, Safe implemented five projects targeting over 1000 refugee children and adolescents in Egypt. The projects endeavoured to raise the refugees’ awareness against child sexual abuse, bullying and gender-based violence as well as to build resilience through self-awareness.

Educational institutions

Safe Kids collaborated with a wide range of academic and educational institutions. Among our partners:

Religious Centers

Safe Kids collaborated with different religious establishments and institutions including several churches and mosques to train religious leaders on topics related to child sexual abuse and gender-based violence

Corporates and companies

Safe Kids collaborated with a wide range of academic and educational institutions. Among our partners:

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