Board Members

  • Mr. Bassem Emad
    Mr. Bassem Emad CEO & Co-founder Aspire experiential company solution
    • Mrs. Irini Rafaat
      Mrs. Irini Rafaat Associate partner - Glint consulting
      • Miss. Sherine Mishriky
        Miss. Sherine Mishriky Organization development and Management consultant
        • Dr. Moody Zaki
          Dr. Moody Zaki Therapist and counselor

          The Board Roles

          To make sure that:

          1. We can sustain opening and sharing new ideas to apply in our field.
          2. We are on track focusing on our mission and vision and monitoring the president’s performance and coaching her.
          3. The programs we offer through Safe; all the lessons and sessions we deliver are technically and psychologically right.
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