Tailor made programs


This session allows the parents to explore their own identity and values. the session endeavours to equip the parents with parenting techniques to explore their children’s characters and [...]

Functional and dysfunctional relationships

This session allows the parents to recognise different relationships patterns and how this is reflected on parenting style, and thus on their children. Though displaying various scenarios, the [...]


This session showcases the role the fathers play in developing their children identity and character. The session aims to encourage the fathers to take up their roles and equip them with [...]

The Child Psychological Basic Needs

The session aims to reinforce the bond between the children and their parents via equipping parents with effective parenting skills to respond to their children psychological needs. The session [...]

Gender Equality

This session orients parents about the inherent cultural aspects of gender inequality. The session aims to empower the parents to raise their children believing in the essence and values of [...]

Coping Mechanisms

This session aims to teach the parents new coping mechanisms to deal with their own traumas, which in return will influence their parenting styles while dealing with their children’s struggles.

Anti-bullying Awareness

This session aims to raise the parents’ awareness about bullying and its consequences. The session equips the parents with practical knowledge and skills to respond if their children are [...]

Sexual Abuse Awareness

This session aims to orient parents about the magnitude and scale of child sexual abuse showcased in international statics. It allows the parents to understand factors influencing child sexual [...]