Kids Workshops


Guide Line & Rules for online sessions

By registering to this training session, you agree & accept to follow the instructions below

  • Participants should have their camera turned on during the entire session.
  • Participants should be present on time and commit to attend the whole training timing (1 hour for kids).
  • Participants should be prepared to watch any links sent by the trainers, when announced.
  • Participants should submit an evaluation form right after the session.
  • Participants parents should not interrupt, interact or push the children to interact during the training.
  • The client has the right to cancel the deal for free with Safe only during the leniency period which is a week before the session , penalty will be applied if the client cancels out of this leniency period
  • The Client is subject to penalty payment in case of cancellation after leniency period as follows 6 – 4 days before session 50%                                       5 –  Session day  100%
  • All services and software used by Safe Kids Egypt shall at all times be the sole property of them and under no circumstances shall the client have any interest in or rights to the title to such materials, software , pictures during session or videos of the content.
  • Safe Kids Egypt is allowed to use all of the photos and videos taken during the session either on their social media channels or printouts. The client has the right to refuse posting his/her kids’ pictures during the session on social media based on a written official request to be submitted to Safe Kids team .
  • It is not allowed to use, record or capture videos of the materials used to deliver the sessions content by Safe Kids Egypt ; usage of the material under any circumstances is accounted as violation to the agreement terms and will be subject to penalty according to the Egyptian Governing Law.
  • Safe Kids Egypt owns the content, tools, games and book intellectual property rights, no one has the right to trade or use them in markets.
  • Min number of kids per session 10 kids.
  • Max Number of kids per session 15 kids
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